Example 1

Frequency Dependent Two Wire

This example comprises two wires in free space, without ground plane. The wires have a frequency dependent dielectric jacket.

Example 2

Frequency Dependent Coaxial Cable

This example comprises a coax cable and a single wire in free space without ground plane.

Example 3

Frequency Dependent Twinaxial Cable

This example comprises two wires in a circular shield (twinax).  The dielectric material inside the shield is frequency dependent.

Example 4

Twisted Pair Over Ground Plane

This example comprises a twisted pair above a groundplane. The wires have a dielectric jacket. The Laplace solver is used to take into account the dielectric material around the wires. 

Example 5

Frequency Dependent Spacewire

This example comprises a spacewire cable. The cable has four shielded twisted pairs enclosed by an overall shield. The wires and shields have a dielectric jackets which are frequency dependent. .

Example 6

Coaxial Cable Over ground Plane

This example comprises a coaxial cable above a ground plane with incident field excitation. The coax has frequency dependent dielectric material on the inside and outside. 

Creating Spice simulations using the cable spice models