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SACAMOS can be obtained as a pre-built binaries for MS Windows 10 or it can be built from source code for any platform. Instructions for doing so will be found within the Public Git Repository. Documentation can be directly downloaded from the following links: User Manual and Theory Manual

The command line tools for building spice models require gfortran for compilation, but to make the most of the tools the following are also suggested as the mimum requirment.

i. compilation : g++, gfortran and wxWidgets for the GUI
ii. gschem : schematic capture component of gEDA
iii. gnetlist : netlist generation component of gEDA
iv. Ngspice : circuit simulator
v. gnuplot : graphing utility

SACAMOS can be run from any location on a personal computer, but it requires a specific folder structure to work properly. The parent folder 'SACAMOS' should contain a 'BIN' folder for all the executables and any 'MOD' folders created. Multiple MOD folders can be created.

SACAMOS relies on access to a number of other applications (gEDA, gnuplot etc) these can be installed as you wish but ensure that SACAMOS can find them by adding the location of the application's executable to your system path.

SACAMOS Downloads:


Source Code

SACAMOS can be built from source code for number platforms and has been tested on MS Windows, GNU Linux and Apple OSX. The the source code for the command line line tools, GUIs, Documentation and a complete set of test cases can be found in the Public Git Repository.


MS Windows 10

zip folder containing pre-built binaries for MS Windows 10. Includes SACAMOS command line tools, SACAMOS GUI, gSpiceUIvSACAMOS and Ngspice (v27 & v28). Also included are installs for gEDA, Gmsh and gnuplot.Note: The zip folder is built on the fly and will take a little time to build prior to download.

Example Cable  Model Library

Library of example cable models. Download and extract to the SACAMOS root directory. 

Spacecraft Cable Model Library

Library of spacecraft specific cable models. Download and extract to the SACAMOS root directory. A document describing the MOD contents can be found here.