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SACAMOS: State of the art cable models for SPICE is a cross platform set of Open Source software tools for the creation of SPICE cable models. The software tools were developed for ESA by researchers at the George Green Institute, University of Nottingham, and NLR the Netherlands Aerospace Centre.


Cable Builder

The cable model building process concerns the development of individual cable models from specifications. At this stage we can characterise the propagation within shielded conductor systems if they exist for a particular cable i.e. describe the parameters characterising  wave propagation internal to any cable shields. In addition any transfer impedance models required to characterise the cable will be developed at this stage.


Cable Bundle Builder

The cable bundle model building process concerns the development of cable bundle  models from individual cable models and additional ground and over-shield specifications. This stage involves the characterisation of the external propagation domain which involves the outside of the shields, unshielded conductors and ground plane and also the domain within over-shields.


Spice Model Builder

Development of a SPICE cable model for a particular bundle includes the specification of the length of the bundle, any incident field excitation and the specification of the coupling between cables via the transfer impedance of imperfect shields . The generated SPICE models and their associated symbols (for Ngspice and LTspice) may be used in the simulation of circuits. This project includes a lightly modified version of gSpiceUI to manage the simulation process for Ngspice.